We are currently accepting new patients at our location on 12th and Lonsdale and our location on 15th and Lonsdale

The Doctor-Patient Relationship

The doctor-patient relationship is at the centre of Family Medicine. Our aim is to establish a long-lasting partnership with our patients to manage their health and well-being. As your Family Doctors, we will maintain your medical records throughout your life and may communicate with other health care providers on your behalf.

The scope of practice

Our Family Doctors provide a wide range of services including:

Treatment of common illnesses and injuries
Preventative care, including health promotion
Basic emergency services
Community health
Primary mental health care
Palliative and end-of-life care
Geriatric care, including home health and long-term care
Pre-natal and maternity care
Healthy child development
Youth health
Weight loss
Smoking cessation
Hospital care

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