Dr. Natalia Roehlig Family Medicine Specialist iHealthMDFAMILY MEDICINE SPECIALIST, MD, CCFP

Dr Natalia Roehlig graduated from Moscow Medical Academy (Russia) followed by residency in General Surgery. She made Canada her home in 1999.

She successfully completed Family Medicine Residency program at University of British Columbia and, for the last few years, practiced Family Medicine in Powell River, BC.

She is a dedicated physician who thrives on getting to know her patients and care for whole families. As a mother of two children, she knows the value of healthy lifestyle.

She is excited to join the team of iHealthMD Medical Centre to develop her new practice on the North Shore.

Skiing, biking, yoga.

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“Our family Doctor, Dr. Natalia Roehlig is the best. Highly trained and has the ability to get right to the health problem when needed. She is personable and a delight to deal with particularly with regard to her patience in attendance with us.”

– Lyn Blanchard

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Family Medicine Specialist, MD, CCFP