20% of Canadians live with Acne. *

1 million Canadians are diagnosed with Psoriasis. *

2 million Canadians have Rosacea. *

90% of Skin Cancer cure rate if Self- examined. *

In your family doctor’s practice every 3rd patient presents with skin issues or concerns.  Many common skin conditions are managed entirely within primary care practice.  Family Physicians are increasingly more involved in the disease management of chronic skin conditions.

Our group of dedicated family physicians have obtained a special training in assessment and treatment of various skin conditions  including Skin Cancer Management. We are happy to provide you and your family members with a consultation and treatment as needed. You might have to get a referral for the consult from your Family Physician. Expedited access to a skin consult is available.

Our clinic became a hub for teaching future family doctors the common skin conditions managed in primary care.