Seeing the same doctor can save your life!

Dermatologist examining mole with magnifying glass in clinic

There number of studies published recently have shown what we all already knew: being treated by your own GP who knows you and your family, your history and your habits have a much better chance to help you in time of crisis or otherwise for your health care needs.

Unfortunately, many people have given up on looking for a GP.  Information is not readily available but one should persist knowing how important this is. Division of Family practice is usually a good resource. Our clinic has four GPs accepting new patients and available for urgent care 6 days per week. We would like to takie care of you and your family. Call 604-971-6767 today!

“Seeing the same doctor (GP and specialists) over a number of years may be a matter of life and death, according to a study published today. A team of researchers looked at 22 studies from nine countries and found 18 that showed a marked link between continuity of care and lower death rates, after correcting for a range of variables.”